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Tint your windows now to protect your students and keep them safe while they’re studying inside!


Window Tinting for schools

School window tinting is a great way to keep your child safe while in the classroom. Our window tinting services for schools can help reduce the amount of heat and glare coming through the window, keeping your child cool in summer months and helping them stay comfortable during winter weather. Tinting also helps decrease light pollution which can impact sleep patterns for children who are trying to get enough sleep.

Window tinting is a quick and easy process that schools can complete on their own with the help of our team at Perfection Window Films. We will arrive at your school prepared with all necessary supplies, including free measuring tools. We will take all the necessary measurements and provide you with a quote for the window tinting project. Once you have approved our quote, we can begin work on your window tinting project!

Keep your school looking great with our window tinting services for Schools

Window tinting is becoming more popular each year as people look for ways to improve the look and feel of their homes. Window tinting for schools can be especially helpful in preserving energy bills, while providing a neat and professional appearance to your school grounds.

At Perfection Window Films, we understand the importance of keeping your school looking its best. We offer a wide range of window film options that are perfect for schools, from basic blackouts to high-end reflective films that will keep the sun out and help reduce glare. Our team is passionate about giving our clients the best possible customer experience, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have about our window tinting services.

Trust the Experts on your window Tinting needs!

At Perfection Window Films, we understand just how important window tinting is for the safety and privacy of your family. Our professional window tinting service is capable of providing you with a variety of tint choices that will ensure your windows are well-fitted to your specific needs and preferences.

Our team knows exactly what it takes to get the perfect shade for each individual window in a car or home. We take the time to consult with you and ensure that your window Tinting is perfect for your specific climate, inside and out.
Don’t let glare or UV rays keep you from a daytime outdoor lifestyle – call Perfection Window Films today for all of your window Tinting needs!

Frequently Asked


A: Window tinting will help keep your kids safe from the harmful rays of the sun, but it can’t do anything to prevent skin cancer. Some window film products have a high SPF value, so they may provide some indirect protection against UV exposure as well.
A: School window tinting can come in a variety of uv protecting formulations such as heat resistant films that resist distortion and bubbling under pressure; water repellent films that keep the building dry in heavy rain; and anti-glare films to reduce glare.
A: School window tinting typically uses a strong, permanent adhesive.
A: Talk to your building officials and see what they would need from you in order to proceed with window tinting. They may require a survey of the windows, proof of insurance, or specific permissions from the property owner(s).
A: School window tinting typically costs more than non-school window tinting because of the higher quality and uv protection that is offered. Prices will vary depending on the film type, adhesive strength, and location.

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Window tinting provides various benefits that can improve your home or office. By choosing Perfection Window Films, you can be assured that you're getting the best quality window tinting. Our exceptional quality will give you privacy and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.


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At Perfection Window Films, we pride ourselves on providing superior service to our customers. We understand your time is valuable, so we offer convenient scheduling and quick turnaround times. We also offer various financing options to ensure that our services are affordable.


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No two homes or businesses are exactly alike, so we offer custom window tinting solutions to meet your needs. We'll work with you to find the perfect window film for your property and ensure it's installed the first time correctly.

The Benefits of Window Tinting By The Numbers

High-Quality Commercial Window Tinting offers a number of benefits to business owners in Chicago, Naperville, Countryside, and the surrounding area. Perfection Window Films is proud to offer the best window tinting solutions to commercial and retail property owners.


Window Tinting Pays For Itself In Energy Efficiency Savings


Reduction In Energy Costs With Window Film


Lower Cost For Window Film Versus Window Replacement


Sun’s Heat Blocked By Window Film


In order for students to get the most out of their educational experience it is important for their environment to be comfortable. Unfortunately, many schools were not designed with this in mind. Wide temperature differences from classroom to classroom or even within the same classroom, harsh glare on blackboards, whiteboards, desks and monitors and even blinding sun in the students eyes can all present challenges when attempting to keep students engaged in learning.

Window film can assist educational institutions with solving all of these challenges while having the added benefit of keeping schools more safe and secure. Temperature regulation and glare control are two of the most desired aspects of window tinting. Perfection Window Films is proud to have assisted schools and organizations around Chicago and the surrounding area with providing optimal environments for our children and students to learn.


School safety and security have become huge issues in recent years. School boards, administrations, and private school organizations are looking for modern solutions to protect their schools and students from unwanted intrusion.

Window film is a great, cost-effective solution for improving the safety and security of schools. Not only does Security film from Perfection Window Film protect schools in Chicago, and the surrounding area from intrusion and ballistic attack, window film is a much more economically viable solution than window replacement. 

Window film can offer similar safety and security improvements to glass replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Click here to learn more about some new standards for safety and security that schools around the country are adopting.

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When it comes to window tinting, there are a lot of products on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Perfection Window Films offers various window film products to meet our customers’ specific needs. Whether you are looking for a product that will improve the privacy of your home or office, or you are looking for a product that will help reduce the amount of heat that enters your home or office, we have a window film product right for you.

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